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Parent-and-baby tips

Happy Baby, Happy Mom

You don’t need to be a parenting expert to know that when you are relaxed, confident and happy, your baby is much more likely to feel the same way.  But this is often easier said than done! The challenge begins while pregnant; trying not to become over-tired and worry too much about whether or not your baby is moving enough or growing properly. Looking after ourselves is something women tend to neglect; we are great at taking care of others’ needs, but often fail to recognize our own, so how do we ensure a good balance?  There are a few...

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Top tips for establishing a good night-time routine

Baby Night Routine Parenting Sleep

It’s important to note that age and weight, different ways of feeding, and different styles of parenting all impact babies’ sleep routines. There is no one size fits all or ‘normal’. Here are some useful tips that work for most babies and which will help you to establish a sleep routine. Sticking to the same time for bedtime lets everyone know what is expected and will help to establish sensible sleeping patterns, which fit with your lifestyle and allow you some time to yourself. It's a good idea to teach your baby that night time is different to daytime from...

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10 tips for dealing with picky eaters

As toddlers get older and bit more independent they often become picky about what they eat. It’s not unusual for them to turn their nose up at foods that they once enjoyed or for their appetite to change dramatically from one day to the next. After age 2, growth slows down slightly which often means appetite is reduced and at around this age children begin to understand that refusing to eat is a powerful weapon and a good way of gaining attention. Stay calm and don't allow meal times to turn into a battle of wills. If your child senses...

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How to get started with ‘first foods’ and tastes

Baby Nutritionist Parenting Weaning

Your baby’s first step in to the world of 'solid' foods is an incredible milestone, but one that brings many questions as a new parent.  Here are ten top tips to equip you with foods and techniques to try, and what to expect: First foods introduced should have a bland taste and a thin smooth consistency, just slightly thicker than milk. Babies can find trying to eat solids frustrating if they are hungry so until they get the hang of it offer solids part way through a milk feed. Start by offering small amounts, about 1-2 teaspoons, and then gradually...

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Advice for parents new to weaning

Nutritionist Parenting Weaning

Expert Q&A with Fiona Hunter, Nutritionist Q: What’s the most important thing every new mom should know about weaning? A: All babies are different and develop at different rates. Your baby will progress with weaning at his or her own pace so don’t worry about what other babies of the same age as yours are eating. Be guided by your own little star. Q: What foods should you first introduce during weaning? A: The first food you introduce should have a smooth, soft texture. Pureed or well-mashed vegetables, fruit or cereals like rice or baby porridge mixed with expressed breast...

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