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Parent-and-baby tips

Advice for parents new to weaning

Nutritionist Parenting Weaning

Expert Q&A with Fiona Hunter, Nutritionist Q: What’s the most important thing every new mom should know about weaning? A: All babies are different and develop at different rates. Your baby will progress with weaning at his or her own pace so don’t worry about what other babies of the same age as yours are eating. Be guided by your own little star. Q: What foods should you first introduce during weaning? A: The first food you introduce should have a smooth, soft texture. Pureed or well-mashed vegetables, fruit or cereals like rice or baby porridge mixed with expressed breast...

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Weaning your little one

It’s rewarding for any parent to see how quickly their tiny newborn grows. Starting to wean with solid foods alongside milk feeds will give your baby the extra energy and nutrients needed to keep growing healthily and happily. Is my baby ready for solids? Generally, after the first month, babies gain an average of 1 to 2lbs a month for the first six months. Breast milk is the ideal first food, but beyond this stage, both milk and solid foods are needed to help your baby grow and continue to gain around 1lb per month. Many babies are happy to...

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