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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions (“Term and Conditions”) govern all use by you as an Events Organiser (defined below) and End Users (defined below) of;

The website, (the “Site”)


  1. Modification: Baby’s Naturally reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace any of the Terms or Conditions at any time. It is your responsibility to check these Terms and Conditions periodically for changes. Your continued use of the Software following the posting of any changes to these Terms and Conditions constitutes acceptance of those changes. If any change to these Terms and Conditions is not acceptable to you, your sole remedy is to cease accessing, browsing and otherwise using the Software


  1. To book tickets with us, you will be required to complete the prescribed booking form. You must be over the age of 18 and able to conclude binding contracts to submit a booking to us or, if you under the age of 18, you must have obtained the consent of your parents or legal guardian to submit a booking to us.


  1. A Ticket does not afford the Ticket holder the right to transport to the Venue, or parking, or merchandise, or any food or beverages at the Venue, unless otherwise stated.


  1. You must produce a valid Ticket to gain entry to the Venue and you must produce that Ticket for inspection upon request from an Event official at any time. Failure to produce such Ticket when requested may result in you being denied access to the Venue or in you being removed from the Venue.


  1. We reserve the right to restrict the sale of Tickets to a maximum number per person, per credit card and/or per household and to cancel any Tickets purchased in excess of this number.


  1. If an error is made in the price of Tickets ordered by you, you will be notified by us as soon as possible and we will give you the option to either (a) reconfirm your Ticket order at the correct price; or (b) cancel your Ticket order and receive a full refund from us.


  1. Furthermore, you may not access our computer systems for unlawful purposes or use it in a manner which infringes our rights or the rights of any other person or restricts or inhibits the use of or enjoyment of our computer systems by any other person. In this regard, you must comply with the laws, regulations and codes of conduct applicable to your use of our computer systems. You may not to post or transfer any material to our computer systems that is unlawful or violates any third party’s rights or which is obscene, misleading, inaccurate, defamatory, illegal, in breach of any copyright or other intellectual property right, or damaging to data, software or the performance of our or any other parties’ computer system. We may delete any material you have submitted to our computer systems and/or suspend your access to any part of our computer systems at any time without notice.


  1. All ticket prices for events that occur in the Republic of South Africa are stated in South African Rand (ZAR). If you are making use of our service from outside South Africa you are solely liable for any currency conversion costs, exchange rate fluctuations and international bank fees that may be charged by your bank or financial services provider in addition to the advertised price of the ticket


  1. If you do not receive a confirmation notice after submitting your payment information, or if you experience an error message or service interruption after submitting your payment information, you should confirm with us whether or not your order has been received and processed. Only you may be aware of any problems that may have occurred during the booking process. WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSSES YOU MAY INCUR IF YOU ASSUME THAT A BOOKING WAS NOT PROCESSED BECAUSE YOU FAILED TO RECEIVE OUR CONFIRMATION NOTICE.


  1. The information you have submitted with your booking request will be processed as you have provided it. If you realise that an error has been made or that you need to make a change to such information, you should contact us immediately.


  1. Payment: You will be required to provide the necessary payment account details (such as credit card details) when submitting your booking request. . By submitting a booking request to us, you authorise us to debit your designated account with the relevant amounts due for the tickets ordered. Such authorization will allow us to obtain payment at any time after our confirmation of your booking. We will not be obliged to issue any tickets to you prior to receiving full payment of the full agreed amount payable in respect of such tickets. Should we be unable to duly effect such payment for any reason your booking may be cancelled and your tickets may be resold to another customer without further notice. You warrant that you are duly authorised to make payments from the account designated by you. You also authorise us to pay all amounts to be refunded to you into such account.


  1. Ticket Collection: You will be provided with e-ticket/s (electronic ticket/s) containing unique identification numbers, barcodes and/or access codes. You are responsible for keeping such identification numbers, barcodes and/or access codes secure since such identification numbers, barcodes and/or access codes will enable the first user thereof to access to the relevant event and only a single use thereof will be permitted.


  1. Ticket Resales: Reselling of tickets purchased from us is strictly prohibited. Any resale of tickets purchased from us (or attempt) will entitle us to cancel such tickets and to resell them to our other customers. No ticket purchased from us may be used for advertising, promotion or competition purposes unless formal written authorization has been obtained from us, provided that even if such consent is obtained, you may not use our trademarks save as expressly authorised by us.


  1. Lost, Stolen and Destroyed Tickets: Only the first person using a ticket or, in the case of an electronic ticket, using the unique identification numbers, barcodes and/or access codes provided with such electronic ticket, will be permitted access to an event. Risk for loss and damage to the tickets shall pass to you upon your receipt thereof. Tickets that have been lost, stolen or destroyed will not be refunded or replaced for any reason.


  1. Cancellations, Refunds and Exchanges

Tickets may be transferred by the purchaser to other parties/individuals prior to the date of the event. The transfer of tickets can only be done online by logging in to the account with which the tickets were originally purchased and following the transfer-of-ticket prompts. Tickets may NOT be sold by any external parties/individuals (please refer to point 13 above).

You may cancel any booking submitted to us for tickets that have not yet been issued to you at any time prior to the date of the event to which such booking pertains, by sending a cancellation notice to or calling our head office on +27 (0)11 794 9060. When you cancel your booking or return your tickets you must provide us with the relevant booking number. Following receipt of your booking cancellation or returned tickets, we will refund you the face value paid for the relevant tickets (or, if a discounted ticket, then instead the discounted ticket price paid), provided that reasonable cancellation charges as determined by the Event Organiser may be charged and deducted from such refund. Unless otherwise stipulated by the Event Organiser and depending on the prevailing circumstances the following cancellation charges may apply:

a.    If the cancellation occurs more than 30 days prior to the event a 25%  cancellation fee will apply;

b.    If the cancellation occurs less than 30 but more than 7 days prior to the event a 50% cancellation fee will apply;

c.    If the cancellation occurs less than 7 days prior to the event a 100% cancellation fee will apply;

d.    Notwithstanding the aforesaid, if you can provide us with suitable documentary proof that a person in whose name a ticket was booked will not be able to attend the event because of his/her death and/or hospitalisation, no cancellation fee will apply in respect of the cancellation of such person’s ticket.

e.    If an Event is rescheduled or cancelled, we will use our reasonable endeavours to notify you as soon as reasonably possible thereof (including notifying you of the details of any rescheduled Event) by publishing the details of the rescheduled or cancelled Event, as the case may be, on the website located at the domain name (the “Website”) notification to the contact details which you provide at the time of the purchase of Tickets.

f.    If the Event is to be rescheduled, you will be offered a Ticket for the rescheduled performance of the Event (subject to availability and you having provided us with correct contact details).

g.    Should you not wish to attend such a rescheduled Event, you will be required, for purposes of safety and security planning in respect of the Event, to notify BabysNaturally through our customer service centre at +27 11 794 9060 or, of your intention to not attend that Event. You may give such notification by way of verbal confirmation or e-mail.

h.    Your purchase of Tickets is subject to our right to cancel or reschedule an Event at any time, or to alter or vary the programme of an Event, due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Please note that if a guest speaker or sponsor is changed or cancelled, the event is not considered cancelled and you will not be entitled to a refund or exchange.


  1. Security

      We will try to ensure that sensitive payment information (such as your credit card details) provided to us are suitably protected. For such purposes we will implement reasonable security measures which may include cryptographic techniques to protect such information. HOWEVER, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE ABSOLUTE SECURITY OF ANY INFORMATION YOU TRANSMIT TO US OR THAT IS TRANSMITTED TO YOU OR ANY OTHER PERSON.


        Attendance at an event may be hazardous to the health or safety of the attendees or their property. YOU ATTEND EVENTS AT YOUR OWN RISK. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ARRANGEMENTS OF ANY EVENT OR FOR YOUR SECURITY OR THE SECURITY OF YOUR PROPERTY IN ATTENDING SUCH EVENT. Please contact the relevant Event Organiser if you have suffered any loss or damage in attending an event.


          1. Use of Your Personal Information

            1. We and our commercial partners may use your personal data for the purposes of executing transactions concluded with you, for billing purposes or in order to serve relevant advertising to you.


          1. Complaints and General

            1. We aim to provide you with quality services. If, however, you feel that you have cause to complain, you can email is at or call our head office on +27 (0)11 794 9060 on Monday to Friday 08h00 to 16h00 (GMT + 2h00). We will try to do our best to resolve any problems that arise. We require that you provide us with the following information as part of your complaint:

            2. Your full names, physical address, telephone number and email address

            3. The location and description of the service feature or transaction which is the cause of your complaint

            4. The problem with the service or transaction or rights that you allege to be infringed by such feature or component

            5. The actions you would like us to take to remedy the problem

            6. A statement confirming that you are making the complaint in good faith

            7. A statement confirming that the information you are providing to us is to the best of your knowledge true and correct

            8. Please incorporate your signature into the complaint